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Mrs. Potts

For Mrs. Potts, I built the frame out of landscaping pipe and Gorilla tape. The  straps are belting from Hancock Fabrics. I measured and duck taped all of the rings 6 inches apart. The middle rings are 120 inches and the others get smaller by half.Then I tried to cover it with Poly foam. The foam was too heavy and wouldn’t cover the frame.


I finally worked it out with batting. I draped the batting and hand sewed it to the frame .I had to lengthen the straps a little to make the smallest ring fit near the waist. I made the dress using Simplicity Pattern 3723. I used Home Dec fabric because it comes in great colors, it’s usually 60 inches wide and comes in great colors and patterns for costumes. It’s also a little thicker than fashion fabric. I draped the skirt after gathering it to make sure it fit the frame. I added a drawstring to the bottom so when she becomes “Human Again” she will  step out of the frame and just wear the dress. That saved me from having to make another costume for just the Finale. There will also be a mob-cap and apron. This one took about 3 days and two pizzas for my kids, haha!! I truly love it when a costume turns out better than I imagined!!!


13 thoughts on “Mrs. Potts”

    1. I used a flexible dryer hose, wrapped it with duct tape, used the duct tape to hold the spout position, then wrapped it with silver spandex. The “lid” for the teapot had a coordinating silver round ball handle. I don’t know how to post a picture or I would be happy to.

  1. Omg I love this costume, I need to make one for my primary school production in the UK. – it’s impossible to buy mrs Potts costumes here! Thanks for sharing! X

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