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Creating Zazu

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This was a challenge! I really wanted to incorporate puppetry into our production of the Lion King . Many of our kids had seen the broadway version so they were excited about learning to act and use puppets. There are a ton of photos online from the professional production and even some videos of Zazu but no online tutorial lol. I studied puppet building and was surprised to find out that building one is not all that difficult.  It’s just time-consuming! Zazu took about two weeks to make, I worked on it every day. I’m working on a step by step tutorial to post. There were so many steps and changes it will take me some time to write so check back or sign up for email updates !


Enter a cHis body is a gatorade bottle with a styrofoam belly attached to the flexible tubing neck with duck tape.



A foam tail was added I heated the foam with a heat gun to get it to curl
Here he is spray painted and finished!!



4 thoughts on “Creating Zazu”

  1. Hello,
    First, let me say your work is beautiful. We are doing a production of Lion King Jr. as well. I was wondering if you have a tutorial on Zazu? Our director is wanting to use a puppet as well? And also how and what are your headdresses attached to? I am fairly confident I can make them out of foam just don’t know how to attach them to the head. Were they on caps?
    Any info would be fantastic.

  2. Hi I don’t have a tutorial. I kind of made it up as I went along. The eyes are just styrofoam balls. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have!!

  3. This is AWESOME!

    We are creating our own Zazu as well. I have a ton of questions. If you don’t mind. 🙂 But the pressing one is “What did you use for the eyes?”

    Do you have a tutorial about building this puppet?

    I look forward to building this myself rather soon!

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