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The Lion King Jr

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Photos of My production of the lion king jr. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about any of the costumes or props we created.


8 thoughts on “The Lion King Jr”

  1. Beautiful! I’m curious what the brightly colored headpieces were used for? Were they part of your Lion King performance? If so, what character(s)? LOVE them all.

  2. This is amazing! We are doing Lion King Jr. and i have some questions about masks!
    Would you be able to email me please?

  3. My school is perform The Lion King, Jr. in March 2016. I am the only volunteer to make costumes, headpieces, masks, etc. I’ve been looking online at school productions and getting overwhelmed. I can handle sewing costumes for 55 students but can’t imagine finding time to make the headpieces. Do you have templates or can you tell me how you make these? Thanks

  4. The costumes look AMAZING! If you don’t mind sharing, what did you put the masks (lionesses, Mufasa, etc.) on to get them off the heads, but still kept in place?

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